Connecting with the connected generation

Connecting with the connected generation

Seemingly everywhere you go, people are using their smartphones to connect to the online world. They may be reading up on the latest news, messaging with loved ones, or browsing their favorite social media platforms, but one common thread holds smartphone users together: the need for a reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi connection. 

At no other time in history has the ability for people to connect to information been so seamless. Smartphones and portable mobile devices enable almost entirely connected generations to share their personal narratives and stories in ways that continue to evolve as new smartphone technologies and applications arrive.

With such a high level of smartphone saturation that is likely to grow as people become increasingly used to a near-constant connection to the information and activities they seek online, it’s up to businesses to adapt and keep up with the times.

More People Than Ever Use Smartphones to Stay Connected

According to the Pew Research Center, an astonishing 96% of people aged 18 to 29 in the US own a smartphone. In Canada, data from eMarketer demonstrates that this percentage is likely to reach 98.9% for those between 18 and 24, and 99% for people aged 25 to 34 in 2019.

Around the globe, this growth-based trend is similar, with an estimated 3.3 billion smartphone users worldwide. By 2021, this number is expected to rise to 3.8 billion. As the number of smartphone users grows, so does the demand for reliable Wi-Fi connections.

For now, let’s dive a bit deeper into this younger generation, known as Generation Z. Typically, researchers cite Generation Z as people born in the mid 1990s to the early 2000s. This generation can be viewed as the “first true digital natives,” as discussed in an article from Quartz

Because of this generation’s proximity to the introduction—and in turn, the immense growth in popularity—of smartphones and Wi-Fi, Generation Z connects with information in ways that are constantly transforming. From sharing their stories and interests on various social media platforms to creating interesting content using a variety of mediums, businesses must implement strategies to make it easy for this Generation to connect with them at multiple touchpoints online.

Connecting with Generation C

Unlike the traditional methods of organizing generations by birth year, Generation C is a generation organized by the way they think and act. Google defines Generation C as “people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community.”

For businesses looking to connect with Generation C, also commonly referred to as the connected generation, keep these core identifiers in mind as you design your Wi-Fi experience:

  • Gen C has a new way of looking at the world
  • Gen C strives to express themselves
  • Gen C are tastemakers
  • Gen C define the “in” social network
  • Gen C access YouTube regularly
  • Gen C is constantly connected
  • Gen C connects to YouTube on all screens and devices
  • Gen C places high value on originality and relevance

Not only is Gen C connected to online environments via smartphones, but they’re increasingly connected to each other. 55% of people in Gen C are connected to over 100 people online, making it easy for them to share stand-out brand experiences with their peers and potential members of your target users.

How to Adapt and Keep Up With a Connected Generation

For businesses looking to connect with Generation C, Generation Z, and all smartphone users, consider streamlining your Wi-Fi services. If you’re a leading brand providing opportunities for your guests, employees, and clients, implement the following strategies for a seamless online experience:

Make it easy to connect.

If you want to connect with smartphone users, it’s vital that you start by making your Wi-Fi connection as hassle-free as possible. Advertise your Wi-Fi offerings around your place of business and ensure your Wi-Fi connection label is easy to find and open to the public. Additionally, make sure that your login service is quick to load and optimized for mobile use.

A large part of providing an easily accessible Wi-Fi connection is utilizing Wi-Fi Access Management services, including streamlined solutions like captive portals and authentication schemes to enhance the user experience.

Invest in a fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection.

When choosing a Wi-Fi provider, do your research and discuss the connectivity possibilities with a reputable provider of managed Wi-Fi solutions with experience serving leading brands.

Optimize your online presence.

Connecting with the connected generation means investing in your overall online brand strategy. Producing high-quality content that represents your brand and how you stand out from your competition can help you build brand awareness while establishing brand loyalty with existing customers. 

With 81% of businesses using video content as a marketing tool, it might be time to consider this valuable area of digital marketing. Ideally, this type of content should be able to be used on multiple platforms and shared easily on social media, such as YouTube videos or other types of online video content.

By understanding the needs and wants of smartphone users, connecting with the connected generation is an attainable feat for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about how managed Wi-Fi services can help you enhance the user experience of your connected clientele.